Multi-Tenancy and Isolation using Virtual Clusters(vCluster) in Kubernetes

Tech Talks
Tue, Sep 20, 10:00 AM (CDT)

About this event

Multi-tenancy in Kubernetes allows customers to share compute resources in a cluster. Each tenant’s workload is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants, providing additional security and flexibility to the developers. This is possible using namespaces and RBAC. But it is not easy to isolate all the resources and is often complex to achieve full isolation. Because of this several organization's end-up building multiple clusters.

Virtual Clusters (vClusters) provide a solution for this, where we can develop any number of virtualized clusters on top of a single Kubernetes cluster. Compared to fully separate "real" clusters, virtual clusters reuse worker nodes and networking of the host cluster. They have their own control plane and schedule all workloads into a single namespace of the host cluster.

In this Tech-Talk, the speaker will dive into the fundamental concepts of vClusters, and demonstrate how to get started.